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Understand the Energetic Field

This community explores the chakras in a new way. Get to know the multidimensional field and how this is impacting your everyday life. When you're lost, this will help put you back on the path!

    Chakra Oracle Deck Set

    Like the Tarot or other Oracle decks, these 78 cards rely equally on the left and right brain to bring through the most accurate information for reading any situation. This deck reads from the Akashic Level meaning once information is gathered and relayed patterns of the SOUL can be changed "karma" learned in a single life.

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    Beginning Content

    Beginning Content

    Guided meditaitons to get centered and grounded, learn about dowsing and numerology, and courses to expand your spiritual path.

    Intermediate Content

    Intermediate Content

    For those who have cultivated a spiritual practice and looking to take it to next level - body activation meditations, courses on personal growth and breaking archetypes.

    Advanced Content

    Advanced Content

    Masters courses on raising frequency, advanced breathwork and beyond.

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      • For seekers who have a few minutes a day to dedicate to their spiritual journey. This is an easy daily touch base to see where you are energetically
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      • Along with the bonuses this level of membership offers the user a chance to work live with the chakra platform teachers + all the oracle tools
      • Includes all Previous Levels Access
      • +BONUS Oracle Deck & Workbook value $55
      • Access Chakra Certification Life Course and Understand the Multidimensional Chakra System
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      $99 / month

      • When you sign up at this level you receive monthly readings from Community Organizer Jenessee.
      • Includes all Previous Levels Access
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      • Readings are done remotely, meaning you are not present. Each month the audio file will be uploaded to your private reading area on the member platform.
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